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Catalogue by Paolo Granata. Editrice Zona, Arezzo, 2015.

Text in Italian and in English. 112 pages, full colour.
Illustrations: 90 paintings, 21 drawings.

page 5 Daughter’s Note
page 6 Renato Barilli: Antonio Mazzotti’s Magical Labyrinth
page 20 Text collection: Francesco Arcangeli, Giorgio Cortenova, Renzo Biasion, Luciano Bertacchini, Arrigo Grazia, Giorgio Ruggeri, Marcello Venturoli, Elda Fezzzi, Bartolomeo De Gioia, Franco Solmi, Marilena Pasquali, Lino Cavallari, Lamberto Priori, Monica Miretti
page 30 Works
page 108 Biography
page 110 Career
page 112 Bibliography

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